About Us


GER Industries is a full‑service architectural millwork company.

While we pride ourselves on being a company that knows how to evolve, there is one thing thats never changed in our 45 years of business — and that’s the craftsmanship and reliable customer service that started it all.

We can lead our clients from design through installation.

  • Shop drawings1
  • Fabricating model-room prototypes2
  • In-house finishers3
  • We install our own products4

Our seasoned team combines planning and problem solving to ensure standards of quality and timelines are always met.


Designed by our expert architectural draftsmen, all of our custom woodwork, metal work, and furniture is produced in our own factories.

The materials we use and the production methods we implement focus on environmental responsibility without having to sacrifice quality. Year after year we decrease our material waste by learning new methods available and employing them across our business operations — from transitioning to a paperless office to implementing a low VOC finish line and low pressure system to apply better finish with less airborne emissions.

We’re proud to be a member of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) as a chain of custody (CoC) fabricator. This status allows us to ensure that the products we use are harvested in a method that will protect our future.

Ask us about the availability of FSC® products. (FSC-C109137)